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V1 is the first preamp tube, and is the most tonally important as it establishes the basic sound of our amp—every subsequent gain stage is simply making a copy of the first gain stage.

Is it possible to tell your amps manufacture date with this serial number on the back? Both the reverb and effects loop use the same type of high quality op amps.

I also documented such a case in the Problems Solved area. I said check the serial number and they said they couldn't find the year by looking at the serial number. Built one of the first Thxs for help sorry, bad english, 60 years old german.

When cathodes are bypassed we're dealing with much more gain.

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Search Forum Show New Posts. I found an amp at a store used and they said they couldn't tell me the year because they didn't realize.

I said check the serial number and they said they couldn't find the year by way of looking at the serial slues. Is there any way of contacting Fender by e-mail? I hvae been to the put and couldn't find any e-mail links.

If a mod or fix can be applied to one of those amplifiers, I'll mention it somewhere atop the page. In the true sense of the phrase "all tube? The rectifier, which converts AC to DC, is solid state; the effects loop is solid state; and so is part of the Reverb unit.

Most modern daytime amplifiers use solid state rectifiers and reverb units. Many origin amplifiers have tube rectifiers, but they're generally considered unreliable. Good state rectifiers don't "break up" as early, allow more leave bare headroom, and provide less compression than their tube counterparts. That may or may not be something you're interested in. The reverb driver and recovery are also solid state, but exploit a real spring reverb end up like those found in Fender's more expensive amps.

This may be an "issue" to the tube purists. Both the reverb and effects loop use the same type of high value op amps. A lot of people have heard that the More Drive is solid land, or that it uses sound state components. Cathode caps purely increase gain by reducing degeneration or local negative feedback Educated, by shunting AC frequencies cross the bias resistor.

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My Les Paul Forum. Just wondering if there's any resources available for dating my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. I can't seem to find anything too descriptive. At least nothing I could follow I don't think I have an old amp at all I read some stuff on the web about the tube diagram inside of the cab might contain info, but there's also a serial number on the plate on the back side of the amp.

Is it possible to tell your amps manufacture date with this serial number on the back? EvanPC , Apr 18,

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We can clearly see this tube was made by Sovtek; Groove Tubes just slapped their logo overtop of it. So any Deluxe mods done to any of these parts can also be done to the Deville. Buying a set from GTs will cost you more than buying a matched set from pretty much anyone else. From ''62 Fender switched to "blonde" coverings.

This question has come up quite a few times. Firstly you must relocate all the tubes behind the chasis. You can date an amp from its components.

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