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For a free MS Excel password recovery, just upload your document here and follow the instructions:. We offer you a free...

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Remove Excel Workbook/Worksheet Passwords
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This special tool hacks the password to an Excel document with absolute minimum efforts. For a free MS Excel password recovery, just upload your document here and follow the instructions: In addition, it also has methods for attempting to crack an open file password for Excel and above. Meanwhile you can try the commercial online service - Password-Find. To download the latest version of our free password cracker, go to the download page.

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We will never recover a password successfully if the mask parameters, including characters and length, are not correct. You can download it and follow the guides below to restore lost Excel files with ease now:. Normally this operation would take quite long, but the usage of the server allows performing it very quickly. Of course, just like with other types of passwords you can easily copy recovered worksheet passwords to the clipboard.

During the scan, you'll see more and more data showing up very quickly in the "Deleted files" result. If you don't want to try any software which claims to restore a password-protected Excel by software, you may follow the guidelines below and get locked Excel restored without the use of a password with ease now:.

Pricing varies by site and which options you choose.

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