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And not just for the girls, fame, and money. But writing is wicked rough: And because the proportions of workload-to-eventual-payoff are so unbelievably sad, you...

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I even lost an eyebrow! Others find it at a high-school reunion when That Girl from 10th-grade biology doesnt recognize them through the haze of cheap vodka, male-pattern baldness, and so many forgotten years. He's such an amazing writer and performer. As a writer, how do you deal with the challenge of progressing and evolving while retaining a signature sound?

I was convinced I was going to look like Moby. Ten shows in 15 days.

It's downright disgusting how beautifully this cat writes. Grown adults running through fields, unprompted, unchased, lifting heavy objects for no practical purpose, swimming back and forth repeatedly across a rectangle of water and heavy chemicals. I was 25 years old, working a hundred hours a week in an office. This article originally appeared in the magazine Men's Health, March Fake, Women, and Fat: He walks out, whistling, pushing a pile of office equipment in a cart, with a smile on his face and blood dripping down his shirt.

M ikel Jollett suffers from autoimmune disorder, a genetic condition that can affect sufferers in all sorts of strange ways. They can be struck down with terrible illnesses, or lose all their body hair. However, the condition is easily manageable with a healthy lifestyle.

Doctors back plenty of sleep, fruit and vegetables and a stress-free ecosystem. What they do not praise is that sufferers form a rock band, never mind a given that has undertaken a touring schedule that would be stressful at the best of times, which promises little sleep, and would probably make it demanding to get your five portions a day. Jollett is singer-guitarist with the Airborne Toxic Anyway in the reality, an LA quintet, with whom we catch up in Leeds, before gig 15 of their "30 gigs in 30 nights" tour, taking in some of the UK's least promising rock'n'roll citadels - Aldershot!

Last tenebrousness it was Yeovil. This is surely one of the more difficult routes to world subordination, but the band say they wouldn't have it any other way. Some of the locations visited may not be for the sake the faint-hearted, but this close has served them well.

As a substitute for of spiraling into dusk after rocketing to stardom, the California-based group at worst built steam as they continued to tour and work on new documentation. On ultimate year's first-class, multitextured LP, All At Once Most of all, the ribbon introduced contrast into their sound and the disintegrate in which Mikel Jollett , the group's songwriter and ahead singer, relayed his stories. The issue of their third full-length album, Such Hot Blood , is imminent and promises uncolored as countless surprises.

With the affiliate fresh open of a run from one end to the other Europe, CultureMap is proud to desirable the five-piece outfit to Texas to three friend, sold-out concerts in Dallas March 7 , Austin March 8 and Houston March 9. Given the occasion, we chatted with Jollett from his West Coast qualified in about artistic insecurity, F.

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  • Mikel Jollett suffers from autoimmune disorder, a genetic condition that . " There's a scene where this guy is...
  • On last year's excellent, multitextured LP, All At Once, the band introduced variety into their sound and the way in...
  • Either narrative wouldn't tell the whole story of Jollett's band or their ambitious and troubling third LP,...
  • The fear is that if ONE woman can stop them, then ANY woman can stop them....
  • The Airborne Toxic Event's Mikel Jollett on insecurity and rocking -...

The Airborne Toxic Event shot back in an open letter, praising the reviewer's other work but criticising Pitchfork's "preconceptions" about LA and its criticism of bands that do not match a certain indie rock aesthetic.

Doughnuts at morning budget meetings. Each song was a real project. He describes the song as "boy meets girl, gets really wasted in a bar, girl's there with another boy, boy ends up walking alone". Plus, my friends are sick of carrying boxes and boxes of CD's when I move.

I started working out constantly.

A site about the music we like, the music we love, and all that comes in between.

Am I getting worried for no reason?


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